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Hi! I'm Sarah Jane, a serious fashionista and romantic.

I am a lifestyle blogger who enjoys dabbling in all relevant millennial topics ranging from feminism to self-love, confidence, skincare, entrepreneurship, fashion for petite women, relationships, and budget travel for students.


Spending one year living in the 14th Arrondissement in Paris, France while simultaneously adapting to the bustling Parisian lifestyle at the age of 21 and traveling abroad in Europe, the authentic inspiration for “Stile di Vita”, translating into “Lifestyle”  derived from Italian origins, was born. I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous diverse locations such as Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, Germany, Jamaica, Panama, Normandy, and so much more! 


My mission for this blog is hoping that it will enhance the inner celebrity in my readers filling the world with simplicity and spirit.


Subsequently, I have intensive experience writing blogs and luxury copywriting for Girls Kick Ass, Entertainment Book Bali,Luxury Bali Tours,and Alisa Arvind International(White House Presidential Journalist).

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